Gaia The Portal

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Shilpa is a two times Best Selling Author. She has authored books called Living with Angels and Coach Wisdom. She is a Past Life Therapist, an EFT Practitioner, Reiki Grandmaster, Life Transformation and Spiritual Coach, Corporate Facilitator, Fire-walk Specialist, Dream Interpreter, Newspaper Columnist, and a phenomenal Star-being. She is India’s one of the finest few Fire Walk Specialist. 

Radhika has been working as a Soulpreneur to enhance and uplift the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of people for the past 7 years in her unique ways of building deep connections and providing unconditional support. She is a Mindfulness Coach, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Guide for various forms of Meditations & Visualisations. She works one on one with individuals as an Intuitive Holistic Coach. She is the founder of the Circle of Hope online platform that started in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, conducting free sessions facilitated by teachers and coaches of the personal transformation industry from across the globe.


Together we envision to touch and transform 1 billion lives through our venture Gaia - The Portal. 


Gaia The Portal is a one-stop platform to:

-Be your life’s alchemist.

-Experience your soul magic.

-Rise like a phoenix.

-Create your own legacy of love and light.

Gaia is a Sacred Safe Space where we Heal Evolve, Transform, Grow, Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, and Serve together. 

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